Who Is God The Father, The Son and especially The Holy Spirit To Me As A Minister of God:- Is He Just God, a Boss/an Employer, a Supervisor, a Guide/Mentor or a Close Best Friend???

How we answer the above question tells a lot about our knowledge of God, especially The Holy Spirit.
From the beginning of the Early Church on the Day of Pentecost to this day Ministers of God have taken a great deviation from the role given by Jesus Christ to His disciples. The key commandment was that they would be His witnesses (Acts 1:8).
What does this mean? A witness testifies of first hand account of personal experiences with the one who he testifies about. Any other testimonies from secondary sources are inadmissible even in our natural accounts of witnessing. This means that the primary role of a Minister of God is to share with the world and the church his personal encounter and experiences with Christ. This is what primarily makes one a witness of Jesus Christ.
What of this dispensation of the Holy Spirit? We are to experience the Holy Spirit, know Him deeper and share our experiences with the Church and the World. Our personal experiences with the Holy Spirit will lead us to the depths and mysteries of Jesus Christ.
So what would we say to the Church?? Christianity has never been and will never be a Religion. Christianity is a Relational Faith between a Believer and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Religion kills relationships by giving birth to ordinances and liturgies which takes away the personal intimate part of fellowship with God from a believer leaving him with a servitude kind of state guided by a set of rules and orders on how man should deal with God.
So many of us believers today have looked at the errors done by the Church for the past two thousand years and have been seeking to correct the errors of the church through True Worship in Spirit and Truth. But what does this mean? And aren’t we just trying to replace a ‘WRONG’ Christian Religion with a ‘RIGHT’ Christian Religion??
Why do I say this? It’s because we still miss the point and meaning of being witnesses of Jesus Christ as the Church. The dictionary meaning of Witness is ‘one who Beholds’ or ‘is Cognizant of’ or ‘has personal knowledge of’ a person, event or thing. If our Witness of Jesus Christ doesn’t fit the above description then we’ve got our role as believers very wrong.
Now, back to our original question, if our encounter with the Holy Spirit is not on a personal and intimate friendship level then we need to review our Christian walk. Christianity is all about Family and Relationships;- Let’s not make it like a Work Place affair between Employer and Employee, or like a Club affair between club members (which most Churches do).
Let’s have a close, personal, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit more, that we may know God more on a personal level and share Him with the World.

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CHRIST’S LOVE FOR THE CHURCH;- A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega

Oh how much love you have for your bride,
The way you feel and care for the Church,
You showed me the mystery but just a glimpse,
Of what you did for the sake of your bride.
What a great honour I said to know,
Your love and compassion towards the Church,
But sharing in the same is an overwhelming experience,
The sacrifice to offer for the sake of your love.
Whatever the Church does you’d love her still,
You’ve taught me the price of unconditional love,
No manner of love this world can compare,
To that which you’ve shown towards the Church.
When I see the tears and the pain in your heart,
As the Church destroys itself in sin,
Despite the price you had to pay,
My heart is torn to share your grief.
I’ve come to know the price of the cross,
As one lays his life for his beautiful lover,
There’s no manner of love one can have for his bride,
If it falls short of what you have for the Church.

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THE FATHER’S LOVE;- A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega

How terrible art thou in thy works oh God,
At the mention of your name the mountains quake and tremble,
Your voice is like the sound of many thunders,
And your sigh like a strong whirlwind.
Your presence is graced by earthquakes and thunders,
The very evidence of your might and power,
Your countenance alone is a consuming fire,
With evidence of smoke fire and lightning.
The very encounter makes me want to flee,
My soul overshadowed by my sinful nature,
But one thing draws me closer still,
From the midst of the fire I sense great love,
Drawing me closer to the flame like a magnet.
What manner of love I can’t fathom,
Full of Mercy, Grace and Compassion,
With utmost gentleness you draw me close,
Overwhelming me with unsearchable peace.
The closer I get I know the Father more,
And experience the mystery of His eternal love,
As I’m broken down to utmost meekness.

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A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega

Who can speak of the might of God,
Seated upon His glorious throne He terrifies,
The very throne He sits on displays His splendour,
As it exhales with every passing second,
Indicating a fact that it’s very much alive.
The sigh of God causes the heavens to worship,
When He rises from His throne all creatures prostrate before Him,
As the psalmists and poets compose new songs in adoration,
Singing of His Splendour, Glory and Might.
What will say when I stand before Him,
My knees give way as butter melts in the noon day sun,
Light as a feather my body becomes weightless,
As I lie prostrate to render my worship.
The winds of His breath cause oceans to roar,
As His silent whisper cause mountains to quake,
The plains and the valleys acknowledge His power,
As the foundations of the earth tell tales of His unsearchable wisdom.
Surely His countenance is a terrible sight,
Yet with much grace He beckons me still,
Restoring energy and strength to my most feeble knees,
Proving that Man is still His most valued treasure.

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A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega

My soul sought to know the Lord,
My heart desired to experience Him,
While my mind longed for the understanding of His ways,
But deep within my spirit there still lied a thirst,
A thirst no man can quench.
No amount of sacrifice or offering to give,
A lifetime of service cannot reveal,
For to know God is to seek His heart,
And to find His heart is to know His perfect will.
So I set my heart to love the Lord,
Lost in Him I found a chest of mysteries,
The wisdom within the mind cannot fathom,
An endless peace the soul can’t explain,
As the spirit feels it’s whole again.
To love the Lord is to know the Lord,
A mysterious key to unlock His heart,
Because in Him you find yourself,
And the eternal purpose for which you were made.

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A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega
I waited patiently in the night for my Lord,
As I knelt down by my altar to pray,
Longing to Hear the voice I love,
Once again that He may order my steps.
The path ahead seemed foggy and bleak,
As the one conquered was an uphill task,
Of narrow valleys and rocky mountains,
What a victory to conquer them all,
Keeping the faith & renewed in hope.
As I think and ponder of His Mercy and Grace,
I feel in the spirit a presence around,
As He filled the room with His love and Glory,
To give an assurance He’s still by my side.
With leaps of joy my heart jumps a beat,
As I hear again the still small voice,
Saying proceed my son for I’m always with you,
Never departing till the end of the Age!!!

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A Psalm by Jesse Jackson Mirega
Full of Grace and abundant in Mercy,
My Lord beckoned me from where I lay,
In a miry pit I couldn’t pull myself out,
But Lo and behold an outstretched arm drew nigh,
All that He required was to. Grasp and hold it,
Fully Trusting and never letting go,
That he may pull me out of the prison of Mire.
As my sins abounded and condemned me still,
He gave an assurance that He would wipe them clean,
Without a doubt my faith increased in Him,
Because all I could trust is found in the Lord.
Let me boast but a little while,
Of the radiant glow on my saviour’s face,
Full of Love, Mercy and Grace,
My sins He atoned with heavy a price,
No requirement was I to give,
To be set free from a heavy load,
All my debts He paid in full,
That’s why I sing of His Abundant Grace!!!

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