THE WAR OF KINGDOMS: The Origins (A Brief Overview)




Lord of Hosts

Satan versus The Bride of Christ 

Before the church as the bride of Christ, even before the creation of man God was in heaven together with all the angelic beings and all hosts of heaven who spent day and night in adoration and worship of the almighty. The worship in heaven seemed to continue for an eternity until one particular cherub thought he could also get the coveted attention and worship and decided to shake things up. This was  a particular cherub who was put in charge of the First Eden referred to as the garden of God (Ezekiel 28:13-14) before the earth became formless and void (gen. 1:1-2). The Cherub thought that he could dethrone God and take his place. His actions led to the two Greatest Spiritual battles the world has ever experienced, with a third and final one on the way. The two battles are the one before the creation of man while the other took place during the lifetime of man.

The First Great Battle

(Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:11-19, Rev. 12:7-9)

The War in Heaven

The Bible gives us a detailed account of what happened in heaven before the creation of  man when the Devil, then Known as ‘Lucifer’ which means the shining one, son of the morning or the ‘morning star’ decided to overthrow God and take His place. His name therefore is no longer Lucifer but Great Dragon, Old Serpent, Devil, Satan (Rev. 12:9). Through the prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and John in Revelation we see how these events took place, where Satan was and what he was doing at the time.

After being thrown down to earth God decided to do ‘repairs’ to the earth which was now formless and void as a result of the first war. We see this in Genesis 1:2-31. Remember the creation of the heavens and earth had already happened in Genesis 1:1. So we don’t know how old Heaven and Earth were by the time God started setting things in order as from Gen. 1:3. What we see here is God bringing back to order the chaos which were already in the earth. So what we know from the time this order was made and Man ultimately created, is that humanity has been existing on earth for about six thousand years now.

Battle for Earth

We see another fact coming out in Gen. 2:8 that says God planted a garden East of Eden and placed man there. This means that Eden had already been in existence way before man was created and we find this evidence in Ezekiel 28: 13. By this time the war is not over but only the first battle has been won against Satan. So what does God do but to tell man to have dominion on earth and subdue it and even gave him authority against every living thing on earth including Satan and his fallen angels. (Gen. 1:28.). By being asked to subdue the earth, man had already been given a clue that there was another power possessing the earth and he had to take it from him. The Hebrew word for subdue is Kabash which means to conquer or bring into subjection. Man was supposed to conquer the earth and subdue it from from the authority of Satan.

The Great Deception

By being unaware of Satan’s presence of earth, man was duped and fell into the traps of Satan leading to one of the longest tug of wars between Man and Satan, between good and Evil. One of the greatest schemes the Devil has used successfully against man over the centuries and is still using it successfully today is ‘Corruption of the Word of God’. Satan knew he cannot do away with the word of God. All he needed to do with the word is twist it a little, corrupt it and throw it back to man. By so doing, man will never realize that with time he moves further and further away from the TRUTH of the Word. He may think that He’s still very much a follower of the word of God but in truth he lives in deception.

This deception has been very successful through the centuries that we see the church today so much bound by it. We first come across this deception in the conversation between Satan and Eve. Satan begins by asking a question; ‘Did God really Say?’ (Gen. 3:1, NIV). This line of questioning is always effective in planting the seed of doubt into the mind of the one being questioned. Satan did not say the opposite of what God had told man but rather pointed to Eve what he feels God meant by twisting the truth a little and Eve fell for his words.

Satan told Eve that God lied to them that if ever they ate the fruit that they would die. Well, we know the consequences of that. Satan had one agenda in his mind; to regain full authority over that which was taken away from him and overthrow man from his power and dominion over the earth. He succeeded in this and put man under his authority, dominion and rule. He could now control humanity and God’s creation as he wished. Man no longer had power over the creation and the entire creation of God was subjected to an existence in bondage. Paul talks of this and the expectation of the creation of God upon man in Romans 8: 19-23. This loss of man to Satan is what led to the Second Great Battle.

The Second Great Battle

(Matthew 2:1-18, Luke 4:1-13, John 10:15-17, Acts 4:20-12, Phil. 2:6-11, Col. 2:14-15, Heb. 9:24-28, 1 Peter 3:18-19, Rev. 1:18; 4:5-7)

The Second Adam

As opposed to the first battle, in this battle Satan uses God’s own creation against Him in his quest to retain his power and authority over earth and every creature therein. So God uses the same to outwit him by bringing in the Second Adam (1 Cor. 15:21, 22, 45, Phil. 2:6-11, Heb. 2:7-10, 16). Jesus came in place of Adam since after Satan lost the war in heaven he no longer had hope until he got man under his power and authority through Adam in the Garden of Eden, and it’s only through man that this second battle can be won.

It is obvious Satan knows nothing about the future except the judgment that has already been passed on him and the hell fire awaiting him. So any plan that God has for his people and the end of days is known by the Devil the same way every other person knows them, through prophecies and the word of the prophets. So anything Satan knew about the coming of Christ as a man into this world and his assignment of salvation were known to Satan through prophesies prophesied by prophets like Isaiah (Isaiah 53). As much as he knew them among many other prophesies he could never fully understand them. This is only made possible through the Spirit of God whom Satan has no contact with. This is the main reason Satan could not foresee and understand the coming of Jesus Christ, his mission, death and resurrection which would be Satan’s ultimate doom.

The Birth, Temptations and Trials of Jesus Christ

Having known of the promise of the messiah and his mission on earth, the Devil made it his personal ambition to end the life of Christ here on earth before he could fulfill his mission. However, lack of revelation and understanding caused the Devil to play into the hands of God by killing Jesus Christ as an attempt to end his mission of salvation not realizing that by doing so, he ended up fulfilling it and losing his entire authority over mankind. The beginning of the Second Great Battle can be traced to the event of the birth of Jesus where Satan used the king Herod to try and kill him as a child ending up in the slaughter of numerous new born babies and those under two years in Bethlehem and its coasts Matthew 2:1-18). This was not the last time Satan tried to end Christ’s mission. We see him coming to him the same way he did to Eve and used the same deceptive scheme to try and divert Jesus Christ from his destiny through temptations while Jesus was fasting (Luke 4:1-13). After that we see Satan leaving Jesus for a while but throughout his ministry, Satan makes attempts on the life of Christ through the Jewish people and the Pharisees but his time had not come (John 7:30).

The Cross and Victory

We see the schemes of the devil in this second battle changing whereby he uses God’s creation against God. Now that man was under the control of the desires of the Devil, he could manipulate man’s mind as he wishes and set him against God. Little did he know that it is for that very reason that God chose the form of man in order to defeat him at his schemes. So as a blind man being led into a pit, Satan hurriedly rushed his scheme of nailing Jesus on the cross.

Even the Devil never expected Jesus to rise from the dead, leave alone go to the underworld and take the keys of death and hell from Satan himself. So what Satan meant for evil, death and destruction was turned into an instrument of salvation, victory and conquest, even the cross. The cross to Jewish people symbolized a curse, oppression and death but God changed it to symbolize blessings, freedom and life in Christ Jesus Deut. 21:23//Gal. 3:13, Col. 2:14-15). The cross therefore led to the birth of the Church which is the Bride of Christ.

Deception in the Church

This caused Satan to review his battles against man. He had to be very cunning in his deceptive ways. There was only one thing he could ever do to win this battle; allow the Church to believe in, practice, preach and follow the ways of their teachings but turn them away from what the cross really represents and deny them the power of the cross and the gains made by Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection. To do this Satan had to review all the teachings of Christ, twist them, corrupt them and throw them back to the church. So he resorted to using used scriptures in counteracting scripture.

This scheme has been used by the Devil so much against many Christians today especially those in Ministry, in Seminaries and theological institutions. The desire to understand the word of God has led to extensive studies of the word of God and what scriptures mean for the church. This has led to endless interpretations of the word of God and numerous translations of scripture that lead people further and further from the word of God.

Trying to understand the mind of God is an exercise in futility without the Spirit of God. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts so we need the Holy Spirit to understand the deep things of God (Isaiah 55:8-9). There is only one way to understand the mind of God; through the Holy Spirit (John 14:26, Romans 8:27, 1 Cor. 2:9-14). This can only happen when we have fellowship with Him. I’ve discussed this in detail in my book; The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit’. Without the Holy Spirit, no amount of study or Scholarly training can ever help us understand the mind of God.

Warning to the Bride of Christ

So Satan deceives man by twisting the word of God and bringing in false teachings, ideologies and doctrines to the Body of Christ. This is his way of conquering the church and he is succeeding tremendously. Jesus himself warned of this deception (Matthew 24: 22-24). The apostles talk of some of these deceptions engulfing the church in their letters (Col. 2:8, 1 Tim. 4: 1-2, 2 Timothy 3: 1-5, 4:3-4, 2 Peter 2). The church as the Bride of Christ only needs to be awake. Tolerate and embrace only the TRUE Gospel and the Teaching of the Cross, not the watered down Gospel that is ‘friendly’, ‘sweet’ to the ‘ears’ and does not ‘offend’. The Scriptures are in Black and White.

Any form of Abomination that is FORBIDDEN by scriptures should never be embraced in the name of ‘Living in the time of Grace’. It is like crucifying Christ a Second time and putting him to open shame (Heb. 6:4-6). There is nothing permissible which God said in His word that he hates or is an abomination to Him. If He were to allow it then it would make God a Liar or one who changes His mind, but we know what scripture says of Him; that He is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should repent (Num. 23:19).

There is another battle coming; it is the Third Great and Final Battle in this Spiritual War of Kingdoms, we all know it and even the Devil knows it’s coming soon. That is the war that will end with the Lake of Fire, and time is already running out. That is why we’re reminded by scripture that the Devil is roaming around the earth like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

When the Bride Groom Cometh, Will your lamp be brightly burning, or will it have run out of Oil. Will you be dressed in WHITE or will your garments be SOILED. 

*REMEMBER!! Christ is coming for a Holy BRIDE; your position or status in the Church or Body of Christ whether Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, Cardinal or others doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters:- Will He deny you before the Father and say “I never Knew You?” (Matthew 7:22-23, 10:33).

~~~~~~~Watch out for The Book; Coming out Soon~~~~~~~
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Pentecost And The Holy Spirit Baptism;-Exert from the book “The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit” by Jesse Jackson Mirega



It is common knowledge that the baptism of the Holy Spirit did not begin with the apostles in the New Testament. We see many cases across the Bible where God releases His Spirit upon His people as He pleases. This is also evident with the baptism of Christ when the Holy Spirit descended upon him like a dove (Matthew 3:16; Luke 3:22; John 1:32).

However, what makes the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles unique is that it is the very first time that God releases His Spirit upon all flesh as prophesied by the prophet Joel.


This is one of the most important days in Christian and Biblical history not because of what the day represented or signified in Jewish history but what happened on that particular day. The name Pentecost is actually coined from the Greek word pentecoste which means fiftieth. This word was used to signify the day after seven full weeks following the first harvest of grain (Lev. 23:16). It was a harvest festival in early Judaism that was celebrated seven weeks after the beginning of the harvest and as time went by the early Christians began to celebrate the visit of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost day, as it coincided with the festival of weeks as well as being fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection.

It is on the day of Pentecost that we see the prophecy of Joel being fulfilled. When the apostles were gathered in the upper room to pray, the Holy Spirit came upon them as tongues of fire and they began to speak in new tongues (Acts 2:1-4). In fact when the Jewish people wondered what was happening to the apostles, Peter, while addressing them referred to the fulfillment of this prophecy which was promised by God through prophet Joel (Acts 2: 16-21).

What makes the fulfillment of this prophecy even more significant is the reality of the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon anyone who believed in Christ and God’s saving power regardless of whether they were of Jewish origin or not (Acts 4:31; 8:17; 10:44-48). This was a confirmation that God’s promise was finally being fulfilled in that He was pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh just as Joel prophesied.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost Today

From the time of the apostles as it has been evidently recorded in the book of Acts those who believed in the gospel of Christ and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour were baptized by the Holy Spirit. How this baptism takes place has always varied with time but one evident thing is that all who believed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

From the book of Acts we see the evidence of these variations. There are those who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after they were baptized by water as was explained by Christ in John 3:5 (Acts 2:38, 41; 8:14-17) There are also those who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit just by the mere act of their faith in the Gospel of Christ even before the water baptism and later received the water baptism (Acts 10:44-48).

What happened in the days of the apostles is what happens today. Many Christians receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit during revival or faith meetings the moment they believe in Christ and accept Him as Lord and savior. Others however even though born again receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit later; either during water baptism, prayer meetings or in their personal prayer moments when they ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit. However, one thing we must always understand is that the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in a place where He’s not welcome. So He cannot come into your life unless you make Him feel welcome to dwell in your life.

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What Manner of Love is This?: Exert from “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”;- By Jesse Jackson Mirega

Source: What Manner of Love is This?: Exert from “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”;- By Jesse Jackson Mirega

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(Sourced from the web)
For the next 60 seconds, set aside whatever
You’re doing and take this opportunity! To know a little more about JESUS:

At the age of 33,
Jesus was condemned to death .

At the time
Crucifixion was the “worst” death. Only the worst
Criminals were condemned to be crucified. Yet it was
Even more dreadful for Jesus, unlike
Other criminals condemned to death by
Crucifixion Jesus was to be nailed to the
Cross by His hands and feet.

Each nail
Was 6 to 8 inches long.

The nails
Were driven into His wrist. Not
Into His palms as is commonly
Portrayed. There’s a tendon in the wrist that
Extends to the shoulder. The Roman guards knew
That when the nails were being hammered into the
Wrist that tendon would tear and
Break, forcing Jesus to use His back
Muscles to support himself so that He could

Both of His feet
Were nailed together. Thus He was forced to
Support Himself on the single nail that
Impaled His feet to the cross. Jesus could
Not support himself with His legs because of the pain
So He was forced to alternate between arching His
Back then using his legs just to continue to
Breath. Imagine the struggle, the pain, the
Suffering, the courage.

Jesus endured this
Reality for over 3 hours.

Over 3 hours! Can you imagine this kind of
Suffering? A few minutes before He died,
Jesus stopped bleeding. He was simply pouring water
From his wounds.

From common images
We see wounds to His hands and feet and even the spear wound
To His side… But do we realize His wounds
Were actually made in his body. A hammer
Driving large nails through the wrist, the feet overlapped
And an even large nail hammered through the arches, then a
Roman guard piercing His side with a spear. But
Before the nails and the spear Jesus was whipped and
Beaten. The whipping was so severe that it tore the
Flesh from His body. The beating so horrific that His
Face was torn and his beard ripped from His face. The
Crown of thorns cut deeply into His scalp. Most men
Would not have survived this torture.

He had no more blood
To bleed out, only water poured from His
The human adult body contains about 3.5 liters
(just less than a gallon) of blood.

Jesus poured all 3.5
Liters of his blood; He had three nails hammered into His
Members; a crown of thorns on His head and, beyond
That, a Roman soldier who stabbed a spear into His

All these without
Mentioning the humiliation He suffered after carrying His own
Cross for almost 2 kilometers, while the crowd spat in his
Face and threw stones (the cross was almost 30 kg of weight,
Only for its higher part, where His hands were

Jesus had
To endure this experience, to open the
Gates of Heaven,
So that you can have free
Access to God.

So that your sins
Could be “washed” away. All of them, with no exception!
Don’t ignore this situation. Think about this SERIOUSLY. Accept him today in your life as Lord and savior!

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” John 1:12 (KJV)


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🌹The 23rd Psalm🌹


The Lord is my Shepherd
💥That’s Relationship!💥

I shall not want
💥That’s Supply!💥

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
💥That’s Rest!💥

He leadeth me beside the still waters
💥That’s Refreshment!💥

He restoreth my soul
💥That’s Healing!💥

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
💥That’s Guidance!💥

For His name sake
💥That’s Purpose!💥

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
💥That’s Testing!💥

I will fear no evil
💥That’s Protection!💥

For Thou art with me
💥That’s Faithfulness!💥

Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me
💥That’s Discipline!💥

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies
💥That’s Hope!💥

Thou annointest my head with oil
💥That’s Consecration!💥

My cup runneth over
💥That’s Abundance!💥

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
💥That’s Blessing!💥

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
💥That’s Security!💥

💥That’s Eternity!💥

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Five Titles by Jesse Jackson Mirega; E-Books Now Available on Request

Five Titles by Jesse Jackson Mirega; E-Books Now Available Considering the proximity of some who would love to have copies of the above books but are not within or near Nairobi/ Kenya, they are now…

Source: Five Titles by Jesse Jackson Mirega; E-Books Now Available on Request

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The Cross of Jesus & the Altar of Sacrifice at Calvary;- Jesse J. Mirega

The story and the meaning of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is not only one of the greatest events in human history but also one of the benchmarks of Christianity and the relation be…

Source: The Cross of Jesus & the Altar of Sacrifice at Calvary;- Jesse J. Mirega

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