Ways to Brighten a Rainy Day

23 Apr



Don’t let storm clouds ruin your mood. Here are 16 things you can do on rainy days to stay happy:~

1. Doodle, write a journal or even a book and take advantage of the down time to let your thoughts run free across the pages.

2. Put on your swimsuits and take the kids outside to splash in the puddles. Bonus points if you pull out the slip-and-slide.

3. Have a home spa day. Give yourself a pedicure and a facial and maybe take a nap with cucumbers on your eyelids and soothing music playing on the iPod.


4. Get creative with your camera and the rain drops on your window.




5. Head to the gym. The lack of sunshine can make you blue but a vigorous workout that floods your body with endorphins will perk you up.

6. Snuggle. It’s tempting on rainy days to hole up in separate rooms in front of our individual screens. While that’s not always a bad idea, consider using the power of touch to brighten everyone’s day: get cozy on the couch and watch a movie you all enjoy.

7.  Hit up the local museums. When the sun is shining you’ll want to be playing outside; use these rainy days to play tourist in your own town. Learning is good for the soul and your mood.


8. Clean out your kitchen cupboards. No, really. Getting organized and ridding yourself of clutter will make you feel lighter. While you’re at it, consider clearing out your closet and organizing your home office.

9. Go somewhere new for lunch. Don’t let the rain hold you back; grab your coworkers and spice up your day with a new experience.

10. Call your best friend. If you’re partial to wet weather blues, get on the phone with someone who loves to safeguard your attitude. If your schedules allow, you could even get together for lunch.

11. Tackle something on your “someday when I have time” list.

12. Make yourself a mega salad. A carb binge will only dampen an already sour mood (even though it always sounds like a good idea.) Go crazy with veggies, fruits, and lean proteins instead. Experiment!


13. Go inside the local coffee shop. Give yourself an extra ten minutes to enjoy the people watching and feel a little more connected to your community.


14. Complete a project.

15. Open the curtains. There might not be a lot of sunshine out there, but natural light is better than no light and should help you fend off the blues.

16. Stretch and breathe. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind while oxygenating your blood and you’ll instantly feel more alert.

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