7 Reasons You Are Missing Out by Not Exercising With Your Spouse.

01 Oct

7 Reasons You Are Missing Out by Not Exercising With Your Spouse.


1. Exercise Gear Is Hot!

I have to get this one out of the way, and I have to be real! One of the best things about exercising with my wife is I get to watch her (in action) in her exercise gear. Just being real. Most workout gear is tight and form fitting. I enjoy seeing my wife in tight, form fitting gear. This first benefit is probably enough for the husbands, but I will continue…


2. You Get Healthy Together.

You made a lifelong commitment. You want the quality of that time to be the best possible. Yes, our vows say “in sickness and in health“, but if we can have more health, than sickness, it can be that much better. That actually may be one of the reasons my wife exercises with me; because I am not easy (or fun) to take care of when I’m sick!

3. More Quality Time.

For my wife and I, exercising together is more time together. We get an extra hour that we may not have had. Some days this is the only time we get alone, except when we are passed out sleep. Can you relate? We love our kids, but our marriage is priority, and this is one more way to strengthen our marriage.




 4.Fun and Stress Relief.

We have found activities that we both enjoy and have fun doing them. Yes, we work hard, but it is enjoyable. It is a time we can release all the things we’ve been thinking about and dealing with. Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever. When we finish we are both enjoying each other’s company, even if it didn’t start that way!

5. In-House Accountability Partner.

There have been days, many days; I have had to drag my wife out of bed. There have been days where she has gotten me up, and out of a mood from a bad day to get a workout in. When she wants to sleep in and miss, I am there to get her going. When I want to shut it down early and miss, she is there to get me going. You encourage one another and work together to stay with it.



6. Model An Active Lifestyle For Your Kids.

Our kids, even our two-year old, know that we exercise regularly. When we walk out the door in our exercise gear, or come back in the house afterward, as our toddler is waking up, he asks, “Were you running?” They may not think too much of it now, but kids typically do what they see their parents do.

Ask any wife why she prepares the Thanksgiving turkey or ham the way she does. You’ll probably get, “that’s the way momma did it.” 🙂 Maybe somebody will ask our kids why they exercise so often and they’ll say, “That’s what mommy and daddy did.” 🙂

7. Reach Fitness Goals Together.

If your spouse’s goal is to lose weight, or to compete in a 5k, or get a better report from the doctor, you get to be a part of that. You get to see the hard work. And you get to celebrate the achievement. Seeing my spouse set out to do something, work hard at it, and get it done is real attractive to me. I want to help her reach all her goals. Including her health and fitness ones!

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