My Wife, My Best Friend; – Why Your Spouse Should Be Your Best Friend.

20 Nov

Many people usually wonder why so many marriages end immediately after the honeymoon. Well, this is because many couples usually aren’t the best of friends by the time they get married. You’ll come to realize that marriage has been taken so casually with ‘companionship’ being taken to mean getting married to someone who will fulfill your needs without question throughout your life but should not necessarily be your best friend. A healthy marriage that lasts is one where the man and his wife are the best of friends.

Here are some of the many reasons why my wife is my best friend and I believe this should apply to all married couples.

1) Be Honest with Each Other:

I have friends who would always applaud me even when they know that I’m messing up my life but not my wife. She will always tell me the truth honestly however how much it may hurt. When I’m messing around, she’s there to put me back on the right track. The only person who can always tell you the truth in love and honesty is your spouse. Being honest with one another is one virtue that a couple who want to be best friends should apply.

2) Respect One Another:

There is no lesser partner in marriage and I believe no one is a weaker sex. All have weakness and when I get to some points of weakness I find strength in my wife Lynet and vice versa. When you chose to respect one another you’ll come to realize that there is so much you can achieve together. It’s amazing how God pairs people in marriage. This is because at the points where one finds weaknesses, strength always comes from the other spouse and vice versa. This understanding initiates respect between any married couple who are true friends.

3) Team Work:

It’s amazing that one of the things that drew us to each other is the ability to plan things and work together as a team comfortably. Teamwork in marriage is very important for it helps you achieve much in your goals and dreams as a couple. This would include all things in your marriage including household chores and even time with the kids. When you decide to work separately, then your marriage will be on a rocky downhill path.

4) Managing Conflicts:

If you quarrel with someone and it hurts you so much then that is an indicator of how much that person means to you. Many people get depressed when the quarrel with their friends and would do anything to restore that friendship. It’s a wonder that the opposite happen in marriages. Whenever we argue or get into a conflict, it hurts so much that that the easiest way out is to work on how to restore the friendship and bring to an end the stalemate. Always find amicable ways of dealing with conflicts and don’t stay mad at each other for long. This is one silent marriage killer.

5) Be Each Other’s Pillar:

There are those times that I felt like giving up and my only source of strength was Lynet. There are  times when one really feels low or down. It is important to support each other in low moments and to stand by one another as married couples. The worst thing that can happen is for someone to prefer to cry on the shoulders of another or to confide in someone else concerning what he/she is going through other than his/her partner. This would show that the support needed is not provided  by the spouse so the partner will seek it elsewhere.

6) Quality Time:

How much time do you spend together? Does his/her company bore you or excite you. Whenever you are in the presence of your spouse and you can’t just wait to go out with your friends to watch a game, to go shopping or do other social activities then something is wrong with your marriage. To be honest, the best times I’ve had in life are those that we’ve spent together and the company of each other is always rewarding and something quite looking forward to. Always strive to invest your quality time in each other for that will strengthen your relationship.

7) Pray Together:

Nothing in this world is greater than faith, and faith in God. Praying together, studying the word of God together and encouraging each other in times of trials has always worked as a fuel which strengthens our faith as Christians and as a family. It is God who ordained marriage and it’s only Him who can help you have a fruitful and blessed marriage. Marriage is made of three cords; You, God and Your Spouse.


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One response to “My Wife, My Best Friend; – Why Your Spouse Should Be Your Best Friend.

  1. lynnet

    November 24, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    This is true Jesse,marrieges are easy,but it is people who complicate things,take things for granted,and make others a big deal when they are not


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