What Going out with Your Spouse Really Means

01 Aug

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Well, I guess we are officially getting into the holiday month. So I came across this article:  & I thought to myself, why do most people get it wrong when they go out on a date with their spouses or just a weekend out & I came up with the following ideas:- 

A. Your Spouse Should be Your Best Friend:

 You’ll come to realize that marriage has been taken so casually with ‘companionship’ being taken to mean getting one who would fulfill your needs without question throughout your life but should not necessarily be your  best friend. A healthy marriage that lasts is one where the couple are the best of friends.Your spouse is the one you share your most intimate thoughts, concerns, and experiences.  Friendship is a building block for strong marriages.

 B. Quality Time:

How much time do you spend together? Does his/her company bore you or excite you. Whenever you are in the presence of your spouse and you can’t just wait to go out with your friends to watch a game, to go shopping or do other social activities then something is wrong with your marriage. To be honest, the best times I’ve had in life are those that we’ve spent together and the company of each other is always rewarding and something quite looking forward to. Always strive to invest your quality time in each other for that will strengthen your relationship.

C. Investing On Each Other:

If you want to have a healthy marriage, then you will need to invest in it more than you withdraw from it. Just like your regular banking account, your marital banking account needs more deposits than withdrawals. You can’t keep taking away from your marriage with your actions and your words and not expect to go broke at some point. You must deposit into your marriage with things such as: marriage conferences, date nights/quality time, and affection and intimacy. So the main aim of your Night Outs or Day Outs is to Invest in one another as much as possible


1) Spending Time Apart:

The whole idea of going out on a date or a weekend trip is that you can have some time together with your wife. This event should act as one that strengthens the chemistry between the two of you. So any activity that would separate you should be avoided. Engage in all kinds of activity that would draw you closer to one another than keep you apart. The key word here is spending the whole time together.

2) Inviting your friends:

 A date night or time out with your spouse is the ‘Us Time’ and should never include your or her friends. Taking your wife out to a club just as an excuse to watch a football game with your friends leaving her to hang around the other unfortunate wives or girlfriends is a relationship killer. The time you set apart for your dates or trips should only be for the two of you.

3) Checking Out the Competition:

The easiest way to kill your relationship or marriage is to take you wife out and spend time checking out other women or flirting around when your attention and focusshould be solely on your wife. The theory that men’s likeness to check out the competition as normal is just a flimsy excuse to deny your spouse the attention she needs from you when you are out on a date. She needs to feel loved, cherished and appreciated.

4) Carrying Work Along:

It’s been said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is very true even for couples’ outings. Please leave your work at the office. Time set apart for your outings and dates should strictly be left to what they’re intended for. Never carry your work on a date or outing with your wife.

5) Engaging your cellphone/P.C.:

If it’s possible, ensure you switch off your phone and avoid carrying your P.C. to dates,night outs or any trip with your wife. This should give you ample time to spend with one another and appreciate each other .


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2 responses to “What Going out with Your Spouse Really Means

  1. liz

    August 21, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    that is a very powerful teaching. be bless


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