What makes love last? ;- By Beth Teitel, Globe Staff

13 Aug

I Came across this article at this site & I felt it’s so inspiring that I just had to share it, hope you’ll love it:-


What makes love last?

Be kind. Listen. Spend time together. And also apart. That’s the wisdom on    making marriage work, from those who know: couples who have been married  50 years or longer.  Beth Teitell, Globe Staff

Four couples reveal what they’ve learned in 50 years (or more) of marriage:Couples married for 50 years (or more)

 With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Globe asked four long-married couples  for their secrets. They spoke about the joy they took in their children and  grandchildren, the importance of caring for each other during illnesses, their  volunteer work — and how true love sometimes means picking up your own  dirty socks.



Charlie Walsh, 80, World War II veteran, retired principal of several elementary schools in Salem, and Joyce Walsh, 68, retired payroll worker, of Salem.

Married: 1961

Children: 2 Grandchildren: 2

You met at Almys department store in Salem in 1958. What was the spark?

Charlie: She was really sexy looking.

Joyce: That’s what he thinks. He has a nice personality.

Was your 11-year age difference an issue?

Joyce: My dad said, “He’s set in his ways, he’s never going to change,’’ and I said, “I know, Dad.’’

Charlie: That was the big surprise. I changed, she didn’t.

Joyce: As we got older, I got more mature than him.

How do you get along with another person for five decades?

Charlie: I make the big decisions — when to buy a new house and a new car. She makes the others. And you have to be kind to each other. My dad always said kindness was the word.

Joyce: We talk about everything and we listen to each other. There is give and take, patience, and tolerance. [They laugh.] I think he could be a little more low-key, but he’s never going to change. I have learned to tolerate it.

What have you learned about marriage?

Joyce: [Husbands] are all the same. My sister will tell me that she talks to her husband and he’s not listening to her. It’s like blah, blah, blah. I said, I know, the only time mine really listens to me is when he knows I’m mad at him and then won’t talk to him. Then he can’t talk to me enough.

Charlie: Sometimes friends complain that their wives won’t listen to them. I say, maybe you are trying to tell her the wrong thing. You have to learn to adapt. If you don’t adapt, the marriage doesn’t work.

Joyce: If you want to make it work, you have to let things go.

Bottom line:

Joyce: I lay his clothes out. People say I’m a dying breed.

Charlie: It’s like I told her, if she dies, I’m really screwed. I have no idea what the account numbers are or anything else. I’ve survived cancer, I’ve got three stents in my heart. I’m lucky to have a master sergeant watching over me.


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