The Family At Christmas

15 Dec

The Story of Christmas

C2Christmas celebration  is an old tradition that is inspired by the Biblical story of the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ by Mary who was espoused to Joseph, both from the tribe of Judah in a tiny village in Bethlehem. The celebrations and festivities turkish-st-nicholas-imagesover the years developed and were inspired then shaped by various stories surrounding a certain historical Christian figure known as St. Nicholas in some places and Father Christmas in others who gave gifts to children with notably good behavior during Christmas. Thus, the story and festivities surrounding Christmas developed.

SantaSo over the centuries, Christmas was never Christmas without a visit from the age-old Santa who came with gifts from the North Pole on Christmas Eve and entered people’s houses through the chimney to stuff his gifts into the stockings by the fire place. It’s also not Christmas without the Christmas tree and all other decorations that accompany it. C5Then again, Christmas would not be Christmas without get together parties that would bring families and friends together and would involve lots of food and drink. So Christmas gained popularity and became a worldwide festival that was and is celebrated by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists alike. It became a festival for all.

The Meaning of Christmas

But Why Christmas? What does it Mean?

JosephOver 2000 years ago a man and his pregnant fiancee went for census in their hometown Bethlehem. His wife was heavily pregnant and all the inns and lodges were full. They were full of fatigue and apprehension in their hearts. Fatigue because of the long journey on a donkey ride. Apprehension because of the mysterious miraculous baby that the angels of God had just informed them about some months earlier. The birth of Jesus Christ was about to change the world which God loved so much but was corrupted by sin, greed and selfishness.

Christmas for the Family

Family.jpgThis is what Christmas should mean for families. A savior is born. One who would mend the broken hearts, restore families, bring back sanctity to marriages, reunite sons to their fathers, daughters to their mothers and heal the whole family. Christmas is a time to reflect on the goodness of the Lord. And His perfect gift that would heal the broken world and bring the whole family together and restore broken relationships. It is a time of thanksgiving and give gifts of Love, Joy, Happiness and Laughter. But above all, for the family to come together as one, and be what God intended it to be.

C4Christmas is therefore a thanksgiving, for God’s perfect Gift; to bring healing and restoration to the family. For He is our father in heaven and showed us a perfect example of giving, by letting His only Begotten son to be born among us, so as to restore the world. Emmanuel Emmanuel!! Share the Christmas Spirit.Christmas

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