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Calvary’s Cross Revival Ministries

Jesse Jackson Mirega is the founder and team leader of Calvary’s Cross Revival Ministries, an end-time interdenominational Christian Missionary Society based in Nairobi Kenya which partners with other Christians and churches and has its faith, beliefs and practices founded and rooted on the word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Its main objective is to establish missionary programs and activities to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals, groups, churches and communities across nations, cities and villages through door to door evangelism, gospel crusades, fellowships, workshops, conferences and training seminars for pastors, church workers as well as missioners in addition to charitable works and services according to the spiritual and social needs of various communities in fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to all mankind.

Participation and Partnership

Calvary’s Cross Revival Ministries partners with individual Christians, churches, other Christian organizations, groups, institutions and well-wishers who are willing to be part of, participate in and support the purpose, agenda, activities and missions of this ministry. It also encourages spiritual, social, material and financial contribution and support through donations or any other means available by those who wish to be part of the above cause or wish to join and partner with the ministry. If you would like to participate in our missions or partner with us or know more about the ministry you can reach us at or call +254723902984/ +254772670624. God bless you as you choose to participate and partner with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.


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